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Having seen the positive response of children to his songs, and understanding the powerful link between music and language, Geoff felt that presenting his songs in a read-along, sing-along format would help encourage reluctant readers to take more risks and achieve greater success. For preschool aged children, Geoff's books have been a positive introduction to a life long love of reading as they can sing-along or read-along as often as they like. Children thrive on repetition as it allows them to comfortably make predictions about the text while reinforcing what they have learnt. In each story:
  • there is opportunity for predicting through rhyme and repetition;
  • the song lyrics match the words to the story;
  • there are beautiful illustrations to explore and hold the reader’s interest.
Available through the links below and in all good bookstores. Ask for these titles by name or order direct.

A Dog's Life
Three beautifully illustrated, infectious stories! Sing along as well!
A Dog's Life
Geoff Jones
30pp 210 x 297
ISBN 0958153825
RRP PB $14.95
Audio CD Included

These stories are sure to become well loved favourites as the narrator leads the reader through three different journeys of ‘a dog’s life’.

  • Three infectious stories in verse, which are sure to move you, titled ‘Clyde’, ‘They Fed Me Heaps For Lunch’ and ‘Old Mate’.
  • Fantastic illustrations by an Australian artist.
  • Entertaining songs. The lyrics match the story so either sing it or read it.
  • An Australian narrator.
To hear sample tracks, click below.

Clyde Narration, Clyde Song

Thunder Mountain
The toads are set to make an awesome sound but could their plans go wrong?
Thunder Mountain
Geoff Jones
ISBN 0958153795
RRP $14.95
Audio CD Included

Thunder Mountain beckons a thousand toads to gather for a party! An engaging picture book for young readers. 
  • Read along with the narrator or sing along to a rocky tune by Geoff Jones which makes playing ‘air guitar’ irresistible!
  • Something to interest all reading levels including a search for Baby Bufo on each page.
  • Repetition and rhyme to help develop reading skills.
To hear sample tracks, click below.

Thunder Mountain Narration, Thunder Mountain Song