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Royalty Free Mini Musicals
for Primary

Perform each musical as often as you like without having to pay any royalty fees.

Geoff Jones creates original musicals, which convey strong positive messages and contain a good blend of dialogue and fun music. Extensive teaching experience in both upper and lower primary school, as well as having four children of his own, ensures Geoff is able to create musicals which have natural appeal to children, while also providing genuine entertainment for adult audiences. All plays can be performed with simple props and settings. Each play pack includes a script and CD. CDs have tracks for rehearsal, where the vocals are included, and tracks for performance, where the vocals are omitted. All plays:
  • are humorous and entertaining
  • have a good blend of dialogue and music.
  • use simple props and settings.
  • have a duration of approximately 15 – 20 minutes.
  • are fun to perform.
  • RRP only AU$34.95 royalty free which means no messy paperwork.
  • Online price for each mini musical only $29.95
Musical titles include:

Santa's List (for lower primary)

Geoff Jones
14 pp 210 x 297
ISBN 0958153817
RRP $34.95
Santa is running out of patience.
The list is lost! Where could it be?
Will it be found in time?
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“We’ve lost the list! The list is lost!” Oh no, Santa’s elves have lost the list. The last time the list was lost, Santa wasn’t exactly a jolly old elf. Who would have thought that Santa’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandson, Fergusto, would be involved in the list’s disappearance? As luck would have it, the list is found just in time for every boy and girl around the world to receive a gift, made with love and care by Santa’s busy elves.

To hear a sample track, click below.
My Favourite Time of Year

Santa's Getting Ready (for lower to middle primary)

Geoff Jones
11 pp 210 x 297
ISBN 0958153787
RRP $34.95

Sarah has been in hospital.
Will Santa know where to find her?
What other fears can Sarah overcome?
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The theme for this Christmas musical is, ‘face your fears’. Sarah has just returned home on Christmas Eve following major surgery. While in hospital, she was concerned that she might not be allowed home for Christmas and that Santa might not know where to find her. As Sarah sleeps on Christmas Eve, her dreams take her on an odyssey of adventure and excitement in which she overcomes her fear and awakes to enjoy yet another great family Christmas!

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Santa's Getting Ready

Mikey's Christmas/You Can Do It (for lower to middle primary)

Geoff Jones
11 pp 210 x 297
ISBN 0958153809
RRP $34.95

Mikey has been backpacking around the world.
How will he ever fit in to his new school?
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This play will have your attitude in place and a smile on your face before it is over. It is the story of a young boy learning to adapt to life’s changes and, what’s more, Christmas is just around the corner!

Having returned to ‘reality’ after backpacking around the world with his mother, Mikey sets out on his first day at school with less than positive expectations. He soon realises that everyone at Fruit Valley School knows how to treat each other and before the day is through, he has his attitude in place, a smile on his face and a belief that everyone at his school is really quite cool, even the principal! Mikey knows that this is going to be his best Christmas ever.

This play has two possible endings. For a "you can do it" non-Christmas musical, simply stop immediately after Mikey has had a change of attitude and the "you can do it" message has been conveyed. If preparing a Christmas play, just continue through to the Christmas ending. Both plays carry messages of friendship and hope while developing positive attitudes in children.

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Children All Over the World

Born In A Stable (for lower to middle primary)

Geoff Jones
8 pp 210 x 297
ISBN 0958153760
RRP $34.95

It doesn't pay to be late for school,
especially when they still haven't picked
someone to be the rear end of the donkey!
The traditional nativity meets the 21st century.
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Set in a modern classroom, “Born In a Stable’ is a 21st century children’s musical account of the Nativity. It will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye! A small group of children, arriving late for school, discover that their class has been practising the Nativity. As narrators give a traditional account and other class members re-enact the story, the late comers interject with their own humorous observations. Interspersed between the dialogue are four modern songs, which convey the traditional Christmas message. Even though the children discover the true meaning of Christmas, the late comers fear that one of them will be chosen to be the rear end of the donkey!

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Born In A Stable

One Day, George! (for lower to middle primary)

Geoff Jones
7 pp 210 x 297
ISBN 0958153701
RRP $34.95

George, the son of hard working migrant parents,
dreams of travelling the world, but discovers
there is plenty to see without leaving Australia!
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George Papadopoulos is the son of a migrant family. As the Christmas holidays have arrived, he is faced with the usual boredom of sitting alone at home watching television and only dreaming of travelling to exotic places around the world. With the help of his mother and a group of informed (and some not so informed) travel agents, George discovers that Australia has an amazing number of things for him to see and do. While he accepts that his dream of making a snowman in the backyard on Christmas Day may not be possible, it is soon forgotten as he remembers that school is out and it’s time to party!

This play can be easily adapted to dramatise the beauty of living in Australia.

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This Is Australia

Santa Takes A Break (for middle to upper primary)

Geoff Jones
11 pp 210 x 297
ISBN 095815381x
RRP $34.95

Santa's been on holidays,
but will he make it back to the north pole
in time to deliver all his presents around the world?
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Leaving his famous red suit at home, Santa has travelled incognito to Australia, to soak up the sun, catch some waves and recharge his batteries before his annual Christmas journey around the world. With world peace in disarray, all flight paths to the North Pole are considered unsafe for Santa to return on his scheduled North Pole Airlines flight.

It is left to a group of very clever school children to devise a plan to get Santa home safely. The key to their superior problem solving skills apparently lies in the colourless, and tasteless, but highly addictive additive, BEEF (Brain Enhancer Energy Food), which, it is rumoured, the principal secretly adds to the school snow-cone machine. Could this really be true?

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Surfing Santa