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Fundraising with educational benefits

Different community groups are often looking for new and meaningful ways to raise much needed funds to support their organisations. A win/win way of fundraising is to promote to your community, educational material which your organisation can purchase at a bulk order discounted price. The children benefit by purchasing a product which is educationally sound and promotes learning, while your organisation either collects your profit margin or simply passes that on to your families for them to enjoy even greater savings. To qualify for the bulk order discounted price there is a minimum requirement of ten (10) items per bulk order.

Purchase from our audio CD or talking/singing book range as part of a community bulk order* to attract a further discount from the online price which is already considerably less than the RRP. Please email us for details of discounts available to participating organisations.

Some schools have found that by promoting the "Now I Know My Tables" CD in conjunction with holding a "table-a-thon", that they have been able to raise much needed funds while engaging in a worthwhile and educational experience.

Simply contact us at for more information and we can supply you with flyers and order forms to photocopy and distribute.

*Let us know that you would like to place a bulk order and we can tell you how you can qualify for greater discounts.